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It's not everyday that marketing and brand strategy accomplish what they initially set out to do. However, when it does, it looks like the perfect balance between the visual stimulation and emotional connection that resonates and provokes conversion from the ultimate decision maker (the primary consumer)...and even those you did not intend to attract.  Looking for longevity and loyalty? --- How well do your creative assets tell "the story" to improve your conversion rate? 

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Prospective customers

are not ONLY consumers,

they are also people,

as in "socially aware",

"culturally conscious"



Often times marketers and brand advocates get caught up in identifying audiences as only "consumers" and "customers", which is one perspective, however... ignorance to the humanity in your audience can lead to under performance and poor results.  If you want to reach a specific audience, try not to insult their intelligence with regurgitated rhetoric & mediocre insights. Invest in the culture and do the homework, shortcuts will typically lead to subpar, non-compelling work and place a spotlight on what you really do not know about "that culture", "that target", "that demographic cluster", "that millennial", that "Gen X'er", that "Boomer", etc., you get the point. Many notable brands have adopted this philosophy to the tune of a healthy ROI and bottom-line.  The people are your purpose, lose sight of that and you will risk becoming a very lonely brand. Besides a little compassion never hurts anyone. So go ahead, it's ok, show the PEOPLE some love.

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The distinguishing gap between companies using social media as a brand voice and those that are "fighting the powers that be" is a matter of purpose & intention. If there was a rosetta stone for learning the language of social media (...I actually wouldn't be surprised if something similar already exist) I'm sure it would become a 'best practice' workshop for most Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies' digital divisions. However, being active in the digital landscape is a lot less complex than many might presume. Contrary to popular belief, all of the pomp and circumstance of being on every platform that exists is not required. Facilitate a conversation with your prospect, the customer, on specific platforms that best suite your brand identity and digest the complimentary insight that is readily, and willingly, available. After all, the "ME" in social MEdia is essentially a clue to direct you toward the 'real-time' lifestyle of your target consumer.



The only thing better than a phenomenal product or service is a "better" phenomenal product or service. If you believe your brand has reached the pinnacle of advances that can be made in your industry, do yourself a favor and find a fitting-sized cardboard box and begin packing for your industry exit. What makes an early adopter 'react' or prospective consumer 'convert' is the value of the distinction that you offer in your product or service. That "little bit better" or "distinguishing element" can make "a 'lotta'" bit of a difference.